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Extrusion front end device
Extrusion front end device
Single rod hot sawing furnace
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The aluminum rod heating furnace of langdun technology adopts the heating mode of direct impact of flame on aluminum rod, which has the characteristics of fast heating speed of aluminum rod, flexible organization and production, high thermal efficiency, low energy consumption, safety and environmental protection.

It is especially suitable for industrial aluminum profiles with many aluminum rod alloy series and high requirements for aluminum profiles.

Characteristics of hot saw

(1) The aluminum bar shall be sawn without deformation, and the end face shall be flat to avoid air saturation during extrusion.

(2) the most advanced micro spray lubrication system is adopted in the cooling of saw blades.

(3) The hot saw is driven by a frequency conversion motor, and the feed of the saw blade is controlled by a servo motor.

(4) Equipped with automatic aluminum chip collection system.

(5) With aluminum chip pressing block packaging device, it is convenient to recycle and has high utilization rate.