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Extrusion front end device
Single rod hot shear furnace
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Single rod heating furnace

Langdun aluminum rod heating furnace is divided into soaking zone, heating zone and preheating zone. The soaking zone can ensure that the temperature uniformity of each aluminum rod at the outlet is ± 3 ℃. A circulating fan is added in the preheating zone. It is professionally designed. In the furnace cavity with pressure control, the waste gas generated by combustion in the heating zone impacts the aluminum rod just entering the furnace at high speed to achieve effective preheating.

Langdun adds a heat exchanger at the exhaust outlet to reduce the exhaust temperature to 150 ℃.

The unique burner design can ensure that each burner reaches the best combustion state; It helps to improve temperature uniformity and heat utilization.

Special thermal insulation materials, ambient temperature + 15 ℃

Hot shear

The shear blocks are made of H13 die steel, which is hard and ductile.

The specially designed precise tightening device can ensure excellent shear perpendicularity.

The special scissors ring design can obtain an aluminum rod with smooth section and very small deformation.

Double shear function

When the thermal shear calculates that the next shear will produce an "too short" aluminum rod, the thermal shear automatically adjusts the shear length, divides the aluminum rod into two, and then passes through the manipulator device. Connect the aluminum rod with the aluminum rod in the furnace. In this way, the aluminum rod can be used 100%. No waste is generated.